Special Projects

Transmission Testing Machines

  • Regenerative Loading for testing machine for accurate control and power saving
  • Custom built software to generate required record
  • Interface with existing ERP or SAP® systems possible
  • Complete automatic cycle
  • Data log storage

Single and Multiple Gear Roll Testing Machines

  • SPM for testing Automobile gears
  • Fully automatic operation to improve testing efficiency
  • LVDT based deviation sensing. High accuracy
  • Comparison with master for relative error finding
  • Complete profile of the gear is saved and displayed on line
  • Statistical functions for data analysis

Over Ball Diameter Testing Machines

  • Over Ball Diameter testing
  • Dual LVDT based system for differential testing
  • Custom built SCADA for maximum data
  • Storage, saving and recalling facilities of the old data
  • Interface with the existing ERP/SAP® systems possible

Projector Room Automation for Cinema Hall

  • Film Platter system with auto wind and rewind functions
  • Tension Control through Dancer mechanisms
  • PLC controlled system for man less operation
  • Web connectivity
  • Cinema hall light and sound control management

Plasma Welding Machine Profile Control

  • Profile control through AC/DC servo motors used in X-Y-Z axis
  • HMI based profile programming
  • Interface of CAD Drawings possible
  • Welding Torch Control
  • Automatic sequencing control

Motor Generator Test Beds

  • Motor Generator Drive with regenerative control
  • In case of AC Variable Frequency Drives a Recirculative system to reduce costs
  • Efficiency monitoring through special software
  • Running in test and reliability test software