Sponge Iron Plants

  • The process to make steel on the fingertip control.
  • Automatic weighing controls of Iron Ore, Lime and Coke.
  • Automatic transfer to Kiln through various conveyors.
  • Temperature and Pressure monitoring & control of the Kiln.
  • A complete operator friendly HMI to control the process.
  • Remote management and data logging possible.
  • Energy Recovery Boiler automation.
  • Modular PLCs communicating with each other on high-speed bus.
  • Data management and ERP interface.

Melt Shop Automation: LRF/MIF

  • Ladle furnace handling and melt monitor.
  • Constant Power or constant current based electrode position control.
  • Auto weighing of additives as per the batch process designs.
  • Heat cycle monitoring.
  • Modeling of Power v/s energy and Power Management control.
  • Transfer of Ladles to Caster or further process.

Continuous Casters

  • A full PLC controlled operation with Manual mode overrides.
  • Auto mould level control software to ensure optimum quality.
  • All the handling equipment driven through AC Variable frequency drives communicating with PLC.
  • Remote I/O structure to save inter-panel cabling.
  • Process control for primary and secondary cooling systems.
  • Billet Cut To Length and Cooling Bed Automation.

Re-heating Furnaces

  • Total Furnace automation through PLC and Drives for Material Handling.
  • Cascaded Loop Temperature Control with multiple PID controllers.
  • Automatic Billet handling at the Loading (Charging) and Unloading (Discharging) side.
  • Billet positioning inside the furnace by measuring the length, classifying the family and positioning inside the furnace.
  • Billet family tracking inside the furnace for Discharge mechanism control.
  • Report generation and data filing system.

Bar & Wire Rod Mills

Continuous rolling Mill automation from Furnace output to finished product.

  • Billet conditioning such descaler, rejection table control.
  • Complete cascade control.
  • Minimum Tension Control for better quality.
  • Horizontal as well as Vertical Loop control for Tension free rolling.
  • Flying Shear Controls for Billet cutting.
  • Crop and Cobble shear control.
  • Billet tracking.
  • On line groove factor calculations and corrections.
  • Laying head vobulation control.
  • Front-end orientation control.
  • Stelmor conveyor automation.
  • Garret coiler, Coil binding & stacking controls.

Bar Mill - Processing Lines

  • Dynamic length computation and Shear Control.
  • TMT process Control and cut to length Start-Stop Shear Control.
  • Automatic synchronization with mill speed.
  • Complete data logging of the temperature profile and graphical logging.
  • Optimization of tailpiece for minimum wastage.

Bar Mill - Material handling

  • Complete Cooling Bed Automation in synchronism with Flying Shear.
  • Twin Channel control for low speed mills.
  • Brake and Rack Slide Control for high-speed lines.
  • Front end and Tail Piece management.
  • Auto transfer to wrapping machine and wrapping.
  • Conveyor control to transfer the material to stockyard.
  • Bar coding/data storage and collection.
  • Integration with Level 3 automation such as ERP/SAP® systems.

Profile Mills, Tube / Pipe Mills (Seamless, Forming & Spiral)

  • Piercer, Assel, Sizing, SRM & Cooling bed controls.
  • Pilger Mill, Draw bench controls.
  • NDT, Straightening machine, Hydrotesting.
  • Tension controlled Stretch Reducing mill with cascade control.
  • Thickened end controls.
  • Cooling Bed automation.

Forming Mills / Spiral Mills

  • Cascade control.
  • Welding control.

Cold Rolling Mills (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)

  • Mill Referencing.
  • AGC / HGC / Screw Down
  • Winder / Tension Control
  • Auto Slow Down (ASD)
  • Roll Force Control / Load Control
  • Mass Flow (MFC)
  • Strip Break Detection (SBD)

CGL (Continuous Galvanizing)/CCL(Colour Coating)/CAPL(Continuous Annealing & Pickling)/Tinning Line/Pickling Line

  • Line Referencing.
  • Entry / Exit (Vertical / Horizontal) Looper / Accumulator Control
  • Vobulation Control
  • Winder / Tension Control
  • Auto Slow Down (ASD)
  • Weld Hole Detection
  • Strip steering control
  • Load sharing control for bridles

CTL (Cut to length)/Slitting/Rewinding/Shearing(Start-Stop, Clutch-brake & Flying)/Foil Separating & Tension Leveling Lines

  • Line referencing
  • Entry / exit loop control
  • Winder / tension control
  • Position control